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ZoomLayout is a collection of Android components that support zooming and panning of View hierarchies, images, video streams, and much more.

  • ZoomLayout: a container that supports 2D pan and zoom to a View hierarchy, even supporting clicks [docs]
  • ZoomImageView: (yet another) ImageView that supports 2D pan and zoom [docs]
  • ZoomSurfaceView: A SurfaceView that supports 2D pan and zoom with OpenGL rendering [docs]
  • Powerful zoom APIs [docs]
  • Powerful pan APIs [docs]
  • Lightweight, no dependencies
  • Works down to API 16

In fact, ZoomLayout, ZoomImageView and ZoomSurfaceView are just very simple implementations of the internal ZoomEngine [docs]. The zoom engine lets you animate everything through constant updates, as long as you feed it with touch events, with a Matrix-based mechanism that makes it very flexible.

Get started

Get started with install info or start reading the in-depth documentation.

You can see ZoomLayout in action through our demo app, or if you’re curious, in ViewPrinter, a printing library heavily based on this.


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