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latest: v0.7.4 GitHub

New versions are released through GitHub, so the reference page is the GitHub Releases page.

Starting from 1.7.0, you can now support development through the GitHub Sponsors program. Companies can share a tiny part of their revenue and get private support hours in return. Thanks!


  • Breaking change: To use ZoomSurfaceView, you need to use com.otaliastudios.opengl:egloo:0.2.3 instead of com.otaliastudios.opengl:egl-core. (#114)
  • Dependencies and tools updates (#114)



  • Enhancement: Internal refactoring into smaller components @natario1 (#97)
  • Enhancement: Added scrollEnabled, oneFingerScrollEnabled, twoFingersScrollEnabled and threeFingersScrollEnabled @RayyanTahir (#102)
  • Fix: fixed invalid use of setContentRect in README @r4zzz4k (#105)



  • Introduces ZoomSurfaceView, a zoomable and pannable Surface container. Please read docs for usage (#94).



  • Fix: fix a context leak in ZoomLayout thanks to @dmazzoni (#92).
  • Fix: fix a bug in vertical Alignment thanks to leak in ZoomLayout thanks to @asclepix (#90).
  • Enhancement: cancel active fling animations thanks to @markusressel (#85).
  • Fix: fix Kotlin nullability crashes thanks to @Sly112 (#83).
  • Fix: sources not present in published repo (#81).



  • New: Project source code was fully translated to Kotlin thanks to @markusressel (#38).
  • New: New APIs to disable fling and flings started when overscrolling: setFlingEnabled and setAllowFlingInOverscroll, thanks to @markusressel (#70).
  • New: Ability to pan while zooming, thanks to @markusressel (#68).
  • Enhancement: Prevent entering the scrolling/flinging state if pan is disabled, thanks to @nil2l (#79).
  • New: New Alignment APIs control the alignment of the content with respect to the container. Please read the documentation about them. Thanks to @LRP-sgravel (#71 and #76)