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Egloo is a simple and lightweight multiplatform framework for OpenGL ES drawing and EGL management that uses object-oriented components - hence the name Egloo. It can serve as a basis for complex drawing operations, but is mostly designed for helping in making common tasks simpler, even for people that do not have any OpenGL experience.

Approaching OpenGL from Android can be hard because of the deep differences in the OpenGL API design with respect to a typical object-oriented context. Egloo tries to take some of these difficulties away by creating a thin, flexible layer of abstraction around EGL and GLES calls.

You can take a look at the demo app or see Egloo in action in more popular projects:


  • EGL setup and management [docs]
  • GLSurfaceView utilities [docs]
  • Drawables abstraction [docs]
  • Programs abstraction [docs]
  • Scenes to hold view and projection matrix [docs]

Starting from 0.5.0, Egloo can run on native targets. We provide an implementation for Android native libraries, but other targets like iOS can probably be added easily. These artifacts are not currently published but can be built using ./gradlew :library:publishLocal .

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