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latest: v0.5.3 GitHub

In the Egloo drawing pipeline, the GlDrawable class controls what to draw. In GLES terms, each drawable contains:

  • its vertex array, containing the position of each vertex
  • its model matrix, to control scale, rotation, translation, and so on
  • its glDrawArrays logic, for example for using GL_TRIANGLE_FAN or GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP

Drawables are very easy to implement. We offer a few implementations:

Name Description
Gl2dDrawable Base class for 2D drawables, that have 2 coordinates per vertex.
Gl3dDrawable Base class for 2D drawables, that have 3 coordinates per vertex.
GlRect A 2D drawable made of four vertices. By default, it covers the entire viewport and is typically used for textures.
GlPolygon A regular 2D polygon. For example: pentagon = GlPolygon(5).
GlTriangle A regular 2D triangle, extending GlPolygon.
GlSquare A 2D square, extending GlPolygon.
GlCircle A 2D circle, implemented as a GlPolygon with 360 sides.
GlRoundRect A 2D rounded rect, with customizable corners.

Each drawable can have different methods to customize its appearance and behavior.