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latest: v0.5.3 GitHub

Egloo is publicly hosted on JCenter, where you can download the AAR package and other artifacts. To fetch with Gradle, make sure you add the JCenter repository in your root projects build.gradle file:

allprojects {
  repositories {

Then simply download the latest version. For regular Android projects users:


For Kotlin Multiplatform projects:

// Add a single dependency into your common Kotlin Multiplatform sourceset.
// This will include the correct artifact for each target that you want to support.

// Or use granular dependencies:
implementation("com.otaliastudios.opengl:egloo-android:0.5.3") // Android AAR
implementation("com.otaliastudios.opengl:egloo-androidnativex86:0.5.3") // Android Native KLib
implementation("com.otaliastudios.opengl:egloo-androidnativex64:0.5.3") // Android Native KLib
implementation("com.otaliastudios.opengl:egloo-androidnativearm32:0.5.3") // Android Native KLib
implementation("com.otaliastudios.opengl:egloo-androidnativearm64:0.5.3") // Android Native KLib

The Android version works on API 18+, which is the only requirement and should be met by many projects nowadays.