Extra controls


Controls whether we should play platform-provided sounds during certain events (shutter click, focus completed). Please note that:

  • on API < 16, this flag is always set to false
  • the Camera1 engine will always play shutter sounds regardless of this flag

Defaults to true.


Lets you draw grids over the camera preview. Supported values are off, draw3x3 and draw4x4 for regular grids, and drawPhi for a grid based on the golden ratio constant, often used in photography. Defaults to OFF.


Lets you choose the color for grid lines. Defaults to a shade of grey.


Lets you control how an auto-focus operation is reset after completed. Setting a value <= 0 or == Long.MAX_VALUE will not reset the auto-focus. This is useful for low end devices that have slow auto-focus capabilities. Defaults to 3 seconds.

cameraView.setCameraAutoFocusResetDelay(1000);  // 1 second
cameraView.setCameraAutoFocusResetDelay(0);  // NO reset
cameraView.setCameraAutoFocusResetDelay(-1);  // NO reset
cameraView.setCameraAutoFocusResetDelay(Long.MAX_VALUE);  // NO reset

### UI Orientation

Within a Camera app, it's common to rotate buttons and other UI elements as the device is tilted around.
We offer a handy callback giving you the right rotation that should be applied to UI elements for them
to be consistent with what the user is seeing:

cameraView.addCameraListener(new CameraListener() {
    public void onOrientationChanged(int orientation) {
        // orientation is the counter-clockwise rotation that a View should have
        // based on current device tilting and native activity orientation.

Location APIs

You can plug in location tags into picture EXIF (for JPEGs) and video metadata by simply using setLocation. The location can be obtained from any location provider after getting appropriate permissions. This is not guaranteed to be appended into snapshots.

Method Description
setLocation(Location) Sets location data to be appended to picture/video metadata.
setLocation(double, double) Sets latitude and longitude to be appended to picture/video metadata.
getLocation() Retrieves location data previously applied with setLocation().

Undocumented features

Some features and APIs were not documented in this document, including:

  • CameraUtils utilities
  • CameraOptions options

For informations, please take a look at the javadocs or the source code.