CameraView listen to lots of different gestures inside its bounds. You have the chance to map these gestures to particular actions or camera controls, using the mapGesture() method. This lets you emulate typical behaviors in a single line:

cameraView.mapGesture(Gesture.PINCH, GestureAction.ZOOM); // Pinch to zoom!
cameraView.mapGesture(Gesture.TAP, GestureAction.FOCUS_WITH_MARKER); // Tap to focus!
cameraView.mapGesture(Gesture.LONG_TAP, GestureAction.CAPTURE); // Long tap to shoot!

Simple as that. There are two things to be noted:

  • Not every mapping is valid. For example, you can’t control zoom with long taps, or start focusing by pinching.
  • Some actions might not be supported by the sensor. Check out CameraOptions to know what’s legit and what’s not.
Gesture Description Can be mapped to
PINCH Pinch gesture, typically assigned to the zoom control. zoom exposureCorrection none
TAP Single tap gesture, typically assigned to the focus control. focus focusWithMarker capture none
LONG_TAP Long tap gesture. focus focusWithMarker capture none
SCROLL_HORIZONTAL Horizontal movement gesture. zoom exposureCorrection none
SCROLL_VERTICAL Vertical movement gesture. zoom exposureCorrection none

XML Attributes

Method Description
mapGesture(Gesture, GestureAction) Maps a certain gesture to a certain action. No-op if the action is not supported.
getGestureAction(Gesture) Returns the action currently mapped to the given gesture.
clearGesture(Gesture) Clears any action mapped to the given gesture.