New versions are released through GitHub, so the reference page is the GitHub Releases page.


  • Fixed FrameProcessor freeze and release behavior, was broken (#431)
  • New: new api setAutoFocusResetDelay to control the delay to reset the focus after autofocus was performed, thanks to @cneuwirt (#435)
  • Faster camera preview on layout changes (#403)
  • A few bug fixes (#471)


  • Renames setPreviewSize to setPreviewStreamSize (previewSize suggests it is related to the view size but it’s not) (#393)
  • Added new APIs setSnapshotMaxWidth and setSnapshotMaxHeight (#393). You can now have a good looking preview but still take low-res snapshots using these snapshot constraints. Before this, the two sizes were coupled.


  • Fixed a few bugs (#392)
  • Important fixes to video snapshot recording (#374)


  • Fixed important bugs (#356)
  • Picture snapshots are now flipped when front camera is used (#360)
  • Added PictureResult.getFacing() and VideoResult.getFacing() (#360)


This is the first beta release. For changes with respect to v1, please take a look at the migration guide.