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Starting a transcoding operation will require a source for our data, which is not necessarily a File. The DataSource objects will automatically take care about releasing streams / resources, which is convenient but it means that they can not be used twice.


The Android friendly source can be created with new UriDataSource(context, uri) or simply using addDataSource(context, uri) in the transcoding builder.


A data source backed by a file descriptor. Use new FileDescriptorDataSource(descriptor) or simply addDataSource(descriptor) in the transcoding builder.


A data source backed by a file absolute path. Use new FilePathDataSource(path) or simply addDataSource(path) in the transcoding builder.

Track specific sources

Although a media source can have both audio and video, you can select a specific track for transcoding and exclude the other(s). For example, to select the video track only:

        .addDataSource(TrackType.VIDEO, source)
Method Description
addDataSource(Context, Uri) Adds a new source for the given Uri.
addDataSource(FileDescriptor) Adds a new source for the given FileDescriptor.
addDataSource(String) Adds a new source for the given file path.
addDataSource(DataSource) Adds a new source.
addDataSource(TrackType, DataSource) Adds a new source restricted to the given TrackType.