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latest: v0.9.1 GitHub

Before you start

If your app targets versions older than API 18, you can override the minSdkVersion by adding this line to your manifest file:

<uses-sdk tools:overrideLibrary="com.otaliastudios.transcoder" />

In this case you should check at runtime that API level is at least 18, before calling any method here.

Transcoding your first video

Transcoding happens through the Transcoder class by passing it an output file path, and one of more input data sources. It’s pretty simple:

        .addDataSource(context, uri) // or...
        .addDataSource(filePath) // or...
        .addDataSource(fileDescriptor) // or...
        .setListener(new TranscoderListener() {
             public void onTranscodeProgress(double progress) {}
             public void onTranscodeCompleted(int successCode) {}
             public void onTranscodeCanceled() {}
             public void onTranscodeFailed(@NonNull Throwable exception) {}

However, we offer many APIs and additional features on top that you can read about in the in-depth documentation.