CameraView is a well documented, high-level library that makes capturing pictures and videos easy, addressing most of the common issues and needs, and still leaving you with flexibility where needed.

  • Fast & reliable
  • Gestures support
  • Camera1 or Camera2 powered engine
  • Frame processing support
  • OpenGL powered preview
  • Take high-quality content with takePicture and takeVideo
  • Take super-fast snapshots with takePictureSnapshot and takeVideoSnapshot
  • Smart sizing: create a CameraView of any size
  • Control HDR, flash, zoom, white balance, exposure, location, grid drawing & more
  • Lightweight
  • Works down to API level 15
  • Well tested

Get started

Get started with install info, quick setup, or read the in-depth documentation.

Older versions

This website contains documentation and informations about version 2.X.X of the library. For older versions, please take a look at the v1 branch in the project page. For migration guide, take a look at the migration page.


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